New Nelo seat rails and platform

Har tidigare rapporterat om Nelos nya fotstöd. Nu introducerar de nya ”seat rails and platform”. Tyvärr så verkar grejerna inte finnas för Nelo Classic som är en fin mastersbåt utan bara för rankare kajaker.

Från Nelos hemsida:

All Nelo Quattro line (apart from the Classic) is now fitted with a new platform system for seats the new system is stronger, more solid and more reliable. The new system is similar to the proved solution applied to our footrest in the last 2 years.

The new system will allow less vibration, less loss of force resulting in a better and more effective transmission of power to the boat.

When converting to the new system:
1. The length adjustments are the same as before
2. The system position in the boat is the same ( hole 3 will still be hole 3 in the new system)
3. The heights are the same as before, but make sure you check the matching position as described in the picture.