Vaaka kayak cadence sensor

VaakaAtt det finns kadensmätare i andra sporter än paddling är ju inget konstigt eller okänt. Det finns för paddling oxå! Fick tips om den här prylen av Camilla Engberg. Priset för kadensmätaren US$249 på nätet.

Så här säger tillverkaren på sin hemsida

So what is so great about Vaaka?
– Ease of use with quick attachment to paddle and easy transfer to alternative paddles when required
– Real time cadence feedback while paddling
– Integration with ANT+ compliant sports GPS watches such as Garmin and Timex
– Ability to combine cadence with GPS data such as speed and distance and with other ANT+ data such as heart rate
– Hassle free function. Once paired with your ANT+ device will turn itself on and off automatically
– Very low power usage. With daily use, one standard AAA alkaline battery will last up to a year
– Incredibly durable waterproof casing, engineered to withstand UV, sweat and saltwater

What are the real world applications for this type of technology?
– Ability to structure training sessions around cadence
– Use of kayak cadence to identify training intensity with correlation to heart rate and perceived exertion
– Use of cadence feedback to develop ‘quick arms’ and the ability to sustain higher cadence paddling
– Use of cadence data to slow the paddling stroke while maintaining speed for improved efficiency
– Logged data for post training analysis