Review av Nelo OceanSki Vintage av Wesley Echols

Wesley Echols på har skrivit en riktigt ambitiös review av Nelo OceanSki Vintage. Inledningen finns här (reprinted from Thanx Wesley!). Är du nyfiken på att läsa hela så följ länken nedan.

Nelo OceanSki Vintage

”For a few years I have been intrigued with the Nelo surf skis, the Vintage and the Ocean Ski models, because of their brilliant colors, sleek profile and known quality of their world famous K1’s. Chris Chappell, web master, was also very curious about the Nelo’s having three Nelo K1’s of various models including the Vanquish XXL, Classic Quattro, and the Razor. Chris purchased a used 2012 Vintage in the WWR construction (30lbs) because he was able to fit in the bucket with his large hips. I got to paddle his boat for a week before this review. So after paddling it, I decided to purchase a used, but mint condition, 2011 Vintage in the E construction (23lbs). There are some differences between the 2011 and the 2012 models, namely the construction process, the height of the seat, the rudder lines, height of foot plate, and width of foot well.”

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